• "I met Jo after my best friend committed suicide unexpectedly. It was totally unexpected and with no warning signs. At the time I was going through my divorce and life was very stressful. My friend was always there for me, simply to listen to my woes and would constantly ask how things were and take me for a coffee. It was a great help.


    As a great shock, I had a massive sense of guilt and selfishness that I had been unloading all my troubles onto my friend when he himself was obviously in need of help and I hadn’t seen it, only my only problems. I also had lost my friend of over 30 years who, as we worked in the same organisation I saw most days.


    Jo helped me in many ways. Firstly to put in perspective what had happened and to alleviate the sense of guilt that I had. She managed to turn around my sorrow into positive thinking about the life and qualities of my friend and we discussed on numerous occasions why we would never know why he did, what he did or what would or wouldn’t have helped, we just wouldn’t know. This was a great help to me.


    Jo also focused on what was going on in my life and whilst I had no real control of it again she gave me a different way of thinking about all of the issues that I was facing and how to deal with the potential different outcomes.


    I would highly recommend Jo as a counsellor. She is very professional, her approach is soft yet skillful and she manages to identify and focus on those elements that will have the most impact by addressing. Her advice and guidance was all very relevant and was done in such a way that you didn’t feel directed to help it just came naturally."

  • "When my relationship with my partner of 5 years ended abruptly I was devastated. I could not sleep or eat and I was constantly breaking down into tears at work and out with my friends. Of course, my friends were sympathetic and tried to help me but I could not get the feeling of loss, anger and all other emotions out of my head. My work was suffering, I had no self-esteem and I lost a lot of weight, which already being slim, was not good. When I was on my own I could not get out of the rut of constantly thinking that life was not fair and to be honest, worth living and I was having dark thoughts that I knew I shouldn’t be.


    A friend of mine suggested that counselling may help. I didn’t want to go to a counsellor, what could they do for me that my friends hadn’t already suggested? However, my friend said that she had seen Jo, a life coach, who had got her over a bereavement which she couldn’t cope with. So I had my initial session with Jo, she was very friendly and made me feel at ease the moment we met. Not knowing what to expect, I wasn’t sure after the first session how Jo was going to help me, but after the second and third sessions she gently started to get me to think about things in a different way and suggested approaches of how to deal with my feelings when I was feeling low.


    Jo managed to give me a new focus and approach on life and I started to look back on the events in a different way. My outlook changed to looking positively for the future. Jo, managed to do all of this subtly and I continue to see her periodically to just check in and take on board some of her words of wisdom. I always leave re-charged recognising that I am moving forward positively and with some slight changes to areas of focus.


    I would recommend Jo’s services to anyone. She has a skill that is subtle yet powerful, especially when you think there is no answer and way forward. Her guidance leads you to see the positive way forward and leave the negative in the past, there is no telling you what to do. Jo is extremely approachable, empathetic yet realistic. She has helped me enormously and I would consider her just as much a friend now as well as my a life coach."